What is Lipogems?

 ​A new generation of regeneration for your horse​​​​​
Lipogems® Equine is a new innovative application of regenerative medicine, it is unlike any other regenerative therapy available for treating your horse or pony.​ Unlike many other veterinary treatments Lipogems®  has come from the human medical world to the veterinary world with a background of extraordinary results. To see how the treatments have worked for horses and ponies of all backgrounds click here.  


How is Lipogems® different?​​​

It works by micro-fragmenting adipose tissue (tissue harvested from fat) obtained from Lipoaspirates, through a non-enzymatic, mechanical processing using the closed system and disposable device. Adipose tissue is harvested using a vacuum syringe from around the hind quarters, after the region has been anaesthetised by local infiltration with sterile saline and lidocaine.
The harvested fat tissue using the Lipogems® device is washed in saline and gently agitated so that the all-important Pericytes detach from small vessels and activate. These cells with the stromal vascular structure of adipose tissue acts as a local scaffold to maintain regenerative activity for many months.The whole procedure from harvesting to the injection is completed in less than 30 minutes in a stable. One of the important points about this procedure is that it is quick to perform and promotes healing as early as 10 days after  treatment and involves very little requirement for drug usage other than sedation and lidocaine. To find out what kind of injuries can be treated click here.

Injuries and Conditions Treated

Tendon Injuries

 with core lesions 


acute and chronic inflammation of a ligament 

Soft Tissue Injuries

such as those to the stifle joint


inflammation of a synovial membrane

Early Osteoarthritis

degenerative joint disease 

And others

such as deep lacerations​, septicaemia, and impinging dorsal spinous processes 


13-year-old Exmoor Pony Ellie


Injury: Soft tissue injury stifle. 

Left hind limb lameness (4/10) , localised to stifle by diagnostic analgesia.  No abnormalities radiography/ultrasonography. Presumed soft tissue injury to cruciate ligament and, or, meniscus. Financial pressures precluded arthroscopic. Poor response to rest and intra-articular injection corticosteroids. ​
Treatment with Lipogems®: Lipogems® procedure 12/07/16 with 5 ml harvested cells injected into femorotibial (lateral and medial) and femoropateallar joints.  Followed by 5 weeks of stable rest. 
Prognosis after Lipogems® treatment: At 5 weeks, no lameness when trotted in straight line and on lunge on right rein.  Slight residual lameness on left rein.  Plan to walk out for 4 weeks and review
Fully sound at 9 weeks, no evidence of lameness, and resumption of normal riding activities